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Welcome to Randy Leakey's photography website.

The goal of my photography is to encourage people to reconnect to our natural world. Everyone is so caught up with their careers, mobile devices and what not that they miss what's going on all around them. Slow down once in awhile, take the time to enjoy our world. Nature is everywhere, if you take the time to look. Hopefully my photography will give you an emotional and spiritual connection to our world.

All of my pictures are taken with Nikon digital cameras. My panoramas are two or more overlapping pictures stitched together in Photoshop. My HDR ( high dynamic range ) pictures are two or more pictures of the same scene taken with different exposures  blended together, this allows you to see as your eyes would see it. As good as modern digital cameras are they still can't compete with our eyes. I adjust shadows, highlights, contrast and color if needed. Every picture is a rendition of the way I interpret the scene.

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                                                                                                                     Randy Leakey